Allgas Inc.


Safety is our first priority.

We at Allgas Inc., Group of Affiliated Companies, feel that it is our obligation to make sure that every customer is as safe in their home or business as we are in ours.

Safety is very important to us not only from the standpoint of our employees but most importantly, our customers. Safety is our first priority. Lampton-Love, Inc., Group of Affiliated Companies strictly monitors the training of our employees so that we may serve you with certified personnel to provide you with service that reflects safety. Safety and service go hand in hand. All of our employees participate in the National Propane Gas Association's Certified Employee Training Program and all of our drivers attend National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course training for Professional Truck Drivers.

Our well trained service staff is committed to providing you, our customer, with current and accurate safety-related information for the well being of you and your loved ones. We truly care that you stay informed of topics pertaining to our industry, such as propane safety, appliance safety as well as updates on new appliances and equipment as it enters the marketplace.

Our employees are constantly updated with safety policies and procedures that aid us in providing the safest and most reliable service available. We strive to understand the importance of documentation and adherence to federal and state rules and regulations. We regularly inspect our equipment to ensure its reliability and we provide you with the same services for your propane system as well.

Our commitment to adhere to industry standards, government regulations and insurance suggestions, helps put us on the cutting edge of technology, safety, as well as rules and regulations that make us the company that safely serves our community.

We strive to stay involved on committees and industry boards and associations locally and nationally so that we can stay abreast of changes in the propane industry.

It is our goal to provide superior service while being safety minded and customer focused. Knowledge of propane safety issues, equipment and rules and regulations makes Lampton-Love the company that cares, and the company that can best serve you.

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