Allgas Inc.

Weather Emergencies

How to prepare for a flood or hurricane:

  1. If at all possible, secure the propane tank to the ground or a solid object, such as a large tree.
  2. Turn the main gas shut-off valve to the off position (Remember: Rightytighty)
  3. Close and fasten the protective dome on the tank.
  4. Turn off all appliance pilot lights, control valves and appliance shut-off valves.
  5. Be sure the tank’s percentage gauge reads above 30%.

After the flood or hurricane has passed, look for any signs of structural damage.

Call one of our qualified service technicians if:

  1. . You smell propane gas.
  2. The propane tank has shifted or moved.
  3. The regulator(s) was exposed to water.
  4. The gas lines have pulled away from the tank or appliance or if the lines are damaged, bent, broken or exposed where they use to be buried.
  5. The propane appliances or controls were exposed to water.

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